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Coaching & Retreats

We believe that everyone can live a happy, successful and sustainable life. But we realize that everyone can use some help to get the most out of life. We offer that helping hand with coaching and retreats. With us you can follow a coaching program from the safety of your own home. Or you can visit Dutch Canary for a coaching and hiking retreat or just to calm down and relax. You choose what you want and we make sure that you will find the inspiration and motivation to achieve your goals.

This is coaching

A coaching program gives you the structure and guidance to realize change quickly. In a short period of time you will determine your goal, create an overview of the things you need and develop a plan of action to achieve your goal. It will stimulate you to live the happy, successful and sustainable life that you desire. Our coaching programs are standard in English.

winfred coaching
hiking during retreat

This is a retreat

A retreat gives you the opportunity to distance yourself from everyday life. This way you are able to calm down and relax. It gives you the state of mind that you need to reflect on your life in a good and effective way. During a retreat, you will discover insights and gain new ideas that will help you to improve your life and realize your dreams. And above all it provides an unforgettable experience that you will treasure for the rest of your life.