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Donate a tree

Help us build a flourishing food forest on this barren mountain top. Together we can stop the continuous degradation of the soil by planting a broad variety of trees, shrubs and herbs. It will return water to the land. It will increase the soil quality.  And it will add a lot of biodiversity to the area. This way Dutch Canary can become an inspiration for other farmers on the islands. Contribute now and donate a tree. We have these three to choose from:

donate a tree - canary pine or Pinus canariensis

canary pine

Donate this crucial tree and help us to create a flourishing food forest.

donate a tree - canary date palm - Phoenix Canariensis

fruit tree

Fruit trees are the base of sustainable production within the food forest

donate a tree - carob tree - Ceratonia siliqua

nut or pod tree

Donate a nut or pod tree which produces nutritious food in the long term.

Thank you donors

Frans & Adri, Anne Heijnen & Joke Fieten, Jozé & Gerard Heijnen, Rick Schepers, Ferry Heijnen, Jeroen, Has & Lena, Frederique & Carlo, Marjolijn, Ferida, Inge, Mark & Richard, Niek de Bruin, Lambooij, Ella en Jan, Susana, De Boys., Jurgen, Liselotte de Haan, Hans de Bruin, Anneke Boudewijn, Loa & Zia, Doctor Bernhard, Henk & Anita, Gea Fieten en 4 anonieme donoren. 

For donating

Pine trees
Fruit trees
Pod & nut trees